Compare Listing Your House vs Selling Direct

If your considering whether to list your house with a local real estate agent or to sell directly to a home buyer like Rise Realty, carefully consider the pros and cons of each type of sell before making your decision.

Listing w/ An Agent

  • Commission: 5% is paid by seller
  • Closing Costs: 2% is paid by seller
  • Home Inspection: Yes
  • Financing: Buyer must be approved by bank
  • Appraisal: Yes, sale price must appraise
  • Average Days Until Sold: 91
  • Number of Showings: Many
  • Repair Costs: Paid by seller
  • Offer Price: market-value (minus any repairs)

Selling to Rise Realty

  • Commission: None
  • Closing Costs: None
  • Home Inspection: No
  • Financing Contingencies: No, all cash
  • Appraisal: No
  • Average Days Until Sold: 7
  • Number of Showings: 1
  • Repair Costs: None
  • Offer Price: 70% of market-value

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